We were impressed with the thoroughness of their work and attention to detail. Marcin were friendly and expained the process, plus their rates are competitive. We were very pleased with the results and would recommend Green Way to anyone who needs lead, asbestos or mold abatement.

  • Mold causes serious health concerns and costly renovations to your home. We will remove the mold, spores, and odors.
  • It's essential that water damage repair is completed quickly and correctly. Our highly trained, experienced technicians can start immediately.
  • Fire and smoke damage repair is a complex process. We will identify the best solution to correct the damage.
  • Improve the air quality in your home, it will also help your heating and cooling system operate more efficiently.
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All you need to know about molds and Schaumburg mold removal services

When you have wooden items and plants exposed to too much dampness in the air or moisture around, you can expect the growth of mold. This would happen sooner or later and there are various conditions under which molds can cohabitate, spread and create immense destruction. Today we would like to speak to you about all of this in detail, so that you are well informed for the same. If you or someone you know has a home which suffers from molds, the best thing would be to call the experts, the mold removal in Schaumburg teams.

So how do you recognize the symptoms of mold growth?

You would either be able to see it with your own eyes or through the annoying odor which is peculiar and displeasing. Once again we must tell you there are various circumstances for you to know and determine if molds are in your home or not, one of which would be the discoloration of items or the walls around. If you see this happening and you know you need immediate help before things go worse, call Schaumburg mold removal experts at once.

There are various types of molds to be found and here are some explained;

1. The first would be the common one to be found around, which are toxigenic molds. They are very harmful to humans since it creates a lot of issues in the human body and hence house mold such as this needs to be removed at once.

2. The next type of molds to be found would be the Indoor Molds, such as pencillim and aspergillus.

3. You also should know of the smallest molds around, but as they say small can be dangerous and so would be the case with Pathogenic molds. This could cause pneumonitis and other infections in the human body.

4. Those who have scratchy throats or eyes that itch and irritate a lot, you should check for allergenic molds and ask the team at once to work on mold remediation.

If you have places which are unused for long time such as cellars and basements, you can expect residential mold to grow in no time. They wouldn't only grow, but they would expand like no mans business and create more health problems around, so get residential mold removal checks done at least once a year.

Molds destroy everything in its path of growth and spreading. They can eat into your furniture as well. They use the moisture sources around and sit neat on the surface of everything exposed at home. It grows with the help of heat being generated around. If not treated in time, expect the molds to affect pets and humans at home.

Toxic mold removal or even removing mold from walls is a must, or else in high levels it can cause humans and animals to die as well. So be smart and safe, after all you want to have a happy and healthy family don't you?